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27 Dec

Bullough suspended for rose bowl

Michigan State Head Coach Mark Danantio has suspended All-Conference Line Backer Max Bullough for the remainder of the season. The reasons are unknown, but we do know that it couldn't have been for academic reasons considering Bullough is an Academic All-American.

In a monumental season for MSU football this is a devastating blow to the program. Bullough is the physical and emotional leader of the nations best defense, and his precense will be missed in the programs biggest game in 25 years.

17 Dec

What does failure look like?

Rant time.

The Lions lost on national television last night to a kicker. Justin Tucker's total field goal yardage was actually higher than Matt Stafford's passing yards. That is unheard of, and unacceptable. 

The 3 worst things about the Lions loss on national television to the Baltimore Ravens:

3. The officiating: Definitely not an excuse, but worth noting. Kris Durham's (should have been) pass interference that would have given us a touchdown. The very suspect pass interference calls against the Lions, and the unnecessary roughness call, both of which led to field goals. I don't mean to sound like El Prez on Barstool coming up with 200 excuses per week why any team in Boston ever losses, but those calls forced a 13 point swing.

2. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson: You would think when called out, Megatron would have a huge game. Nope, instead he drops two huge passes in the first half. Matt Stafford, possibly one of his biggest games of his career and he has arguably the worst game of his career. Could have been the hero, now is the goat. His reads were horrendous...Calvin Johnson in single coverage down the field? Let's not even turn your head and look immediately for Kris Durham.

1. Coaching/Play Calling: 3rd and 1 and we go to the shotgun formation. Have the Lions ever run the ball on 3rd down? You can literally tell exactly what the Lions are going to do before the play based on the formation they line up in. There is no variety or trickery. The Ravens linebackers and safety's were licking their chops all night long. 4th quarter, 60 yard field goal with the best kicker in the NFL. You knew they were going to kick it! Call the timeout!!!!

The division was ours. See you later Schwartz. I defended you for too long.


16 Dec

Monday Night Football Preview

With both the Bears and the Packers picking up late come from behind wins on Sunday, the Lions are in a must win situation. Although the Lions still control their own destiny, a loss would indeed put them in a hole. 

The Ravens come into Detroit in a similar situation. With a win they will be one game back of the division leading Bengals, and in a good wild card position. 

Ravens: Not the dominant defense that they used to be however the defense still powers the team. The Ravens are towards the back of the NFL in total offense, while the Defense ranks 9th. Joe Flacco is a complete hit or miss quarterback, playing his best football indoors.

Lions: Expect a monumental game from Calvin Johnson. Trash talk early in the week by the Ravens will fuel him for a 200+ yard game. The Lions offense is not phased by dominant defenses, the Lions beat themselves on both sides of the ball. Hopefully Schwartz has himself and the players motivated for a win.

Prediction: Lions are stagging a "Blue Out" at Ford Field. If the Lions are not prepped for this game they need new direction. Lions 34 Ravens 18

9 Dec

NFC North Update

With a huge opportunity to take a giant step forward, the Lions took two steps backwards. It was a loss that had us all scratching our heads saying here we go with the same old Lions. 3 remaining games, the Lions still control their own destiny, however the only way to guarantee anything is to win out. There will not be an NFC North wild card team this year.

NFC North Standings

Detroit Lions 7-6. Remaining schedule: Baltimore, New York (G), Minnesota

Chicago Bears 6-6. Remaining schedule: Dallas (12/9), Cleveland, Philadelphia, Green Bay

Green Bay Packers 6-6-1. Remaining schedule: Dallas, Pittsburgh, Chicago

Minnesota Vikings 3-9-1. Remaining schedule: Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Detroit

Outlook: With Aaron Rodgers most likely set to return, the Packers are due for a late season push. Detroit can put themselves in a comfortable position winning 2/3 remaining games, and hoping for at least one Green Bay loss. If Detroit wins 1/3 remaining games, the Green Bay/Chicago finale will have major postseason implications.

5 Dec

B1G Championship Preview

Ohio State (12-0) vs Michigan State (11-1) Saturday 12/7 8:00pm

Ohio State- Well rounded offense led by Quarterback Braxton Miller and perhaps the best the B1G Ten's best player in Carlos Hyde. This offense has ran circles around B1G Ten teams all season long. The Buckeyes manage time well on the offensive side of the ball, while at times their defense has shown holes.

Michigan State- The nations best defense will face it's biggest test of the season. MSU's improved running game has improved the dynamic of the offense which now makes MSU perhaps the most well rounded team in the B1G Ten. 

Prediction: Great offense vs best defense, and good offense vs bad defense. I believe that Ohio State was exposed last week by Michigan. Michigan State's offense should be able to beat OSU's defense while I believe OSU's offense will be slowed up by the top ranked Spartan defense. The NCAA and BCS is hoping that MSU can pull this off to save any potential national championship controversy. Michigan State 24 Ohio State 18

Sparty to the Rose Bowl.

4 Dec

The Pistons Are For Real

Last night, Tuesday December 4th, the Pistons beat Lebron James and the 2 time defending champion Miami Heat in Miami by 10 points.  Whether it's right or wrong the Heat are the current measuring stick in a horrendous Eastern Conference (although you could argue the Pacers are as well).  This win over the Heat, whom I believe the Pistons matchup very well against, shows me that the Pistons need to be included in the group of 3 or 4 teams with a chance to win the Eastern Conference Championship for the right to play in the 2014 NBA Finals.  With the East being so down this year I think it is almost safe to eliminate anyone besides Miami, Indiana, Washington and Detroit from contention.  Brooklyn isn't what we all thought they were going to be and the Bulls sans D. Rose don't stand much of a chance. 

The Pistons have all the makings of a team that can topple the Pacers or Heat in these upcoming playoffs.  The Pistons have possibly the best PF/C Combo in the East in Andre Drummond and Greg "Moose" Monroe, both of whom are capable of scoring from the block, pulling down boards, and guarding most any big man thrown at them.  Add to that the addition of the versatile Josh Smith at the 3, the athletic jack of all trades PG Brandon Jennings, and revitalized scoring guard Rodney Stuckey off the bench and this team is one that nobody wants to face early in the playoffs.  They could very well end up playing spoiler to the Miami Vs. Indiana Eastern Conference Finals matchup that so many people want to see.

3 Dec

Tigers Close To Signing Joe Nathan

photo via cbs sports

The Tigers are close to signing Closer Joe Nathan according to Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal.  Nathan saved 43 games in 46 tries for the Rangers last season and posted the second lowest era of his career at 1.39.  This seems to be exactly what the Tigers need as it seems likely that they will lose Joaquin Benoit to another team.  Dave Dombroswki strikes again!

2 Dec

Developing Story: Detroit Tigers trade Doug Fister to the Washington nationals

photo via

In a story that was first reported Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish, the Tigers have traded SP Doug Fister to the Nationals.  At this time it is now known what the Tigers received in return so check back later for more details.  Tough for Tigers fans to react when we aren't sure of the details but hopefully we will soon have some clarity.

UPDATE: It is now being announced that in the trade the Tigers are acquiring Relief Pitcher Ian Krol, Infielder Steve Lombardozzi, and minor league SP Robbie Ray.  First impressions are promising as all 3 players are young with potential.  Time will tell but we here at MIttenSports have the utmost confidence in Dave Dombrowski ability to build a team.

2 Dec

Lions Look To Run Away With NFC North Title

Photo via

The Detroit Lions control their own destiny in their pursuit to win their first NFC North Championship since the division was created in 2002.  With 4 games to go the Lions are a full game up on 2nd place Chicago and 1.5 games up on Green Bay.  The Lions own tiebreakers over both teams and effectively have a magic number of 3 games to clinch the division.  It would seemingly take a collapse of epic proportions in order for the Lions to lose the division now.  And while the Lions have found ways to lose winnable games this season, they're sitting in a prime spot to host a playoff game this January, which is all we could've asked for before this season started. 

26 Nov

Michigan Football We Suck Get Over it

An Al The Man Editorial

As we head into ohio week I reflect on the previous 11 games this season and can only look back in disgust. There is no other way to put it. I said at the beginning of the year if this team was conscious they would go 9-3. Well newsflash they got punched in the mouth and never recovered.

I don't want to blame this all on coaching but by the look of this terrible product on the field, it has to be. The offensive line has been terrible all season and can't block a simple blitz that decent teams can set up in their sleep. I have never seen a Michigan team allow so many free linebackers in my life. Also the RB's can't block worth a lick. Remember when Lloyd Carr used to bench RB's for not blocking? Wheres the  physical nature its gone. Michigan has a bunch of P***** playing for them.

Devin Gardner I actually feel for him. He has zero help. He looks like someone who is trying so hard to make plays that he actually hurts the team. I believe he is not mentally tough enough to handle being QB and the pressures that go along with it. He is not the QB I believed he was.

Al Borges You suck at play calling

Darrell Funk you should never ever have a job again

I won't dis the defense except they give up way to many big plays. Mattison has done an ok job this season he can't be blamed.

Its hard to watch this team and I am afraid of what Urban Meyer will do to this team on Saturday. Conservative final score estimate: 52-2 (yes michigan will scrape out a safety).

So what needs to happen. If I were Dave Brandon I would give Brady an ultimatum. 

Fire Funk and Borges or you lose your job. 

Honestly I think Brady is smart enough to do so and hopefully he starts with a fresh slate next year and molds a MICHIGAN football team not this crap I have watched all season.

Just to make me and Michigan Fans angry here are some numbers you can't ignore

since 2000 Michigan is 3-9 vs Ohio St

since 2007 Michigan is 1-5 vs Michigan St

No Big Ten title since 2004

This crap is unacceptable and we deserve better. 

How does Michigan turn the program around you focus on one thing first, BEAT MICHIGAN ST AND DANTONIO'S SMUG SENSE OF ARROGANCE HE HAS CREATED.

Second you take out urban and his nut loving friends.

Then you win a big ten title.

Can Hoke do that I don't know but one thing I do know, he might be able to. If not I don't care how much money it will take please Pry Les Miles away from LSU because he will take care of this crap and set the program straight.

This article deserves no pictures because every memory of this season is a nightmare I want to forget and I can't believe they will go to a bowl game.