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Bullough suspended for rose bowl

Michigan State Head Coach Mark Danantio has suspended All-Conference Line Backer Max Bullough for the remainder of the season. The reasons are unknown, but we do know that it couldn't have been for academic reasons considering Bullough is an Academic All-American.

In a monumental season for MSU football this is a devastating blow to the program. Bullough is the physical and emotional leader of the nations best defense, and his precense will be missed in the programs biggest game in 25 years.

What does failure look like?

Rant time.

The Lions lost on national television last night to a kicker. Justin Tucker's total field goal yardage was actually higher than Matt Stafford's passing yards. That is unheard of, and unacceptable. 

The 3 worst things about the Lions loss on national television to the Baltimore Ravens:

3. The officiating: Definitely not an excuse, but worth noting. Kris Durham's (should have been) pass interference that would have given us a touchdown. The very suspect pass interference calls against the Lions, and the unnecessary roughness call, both of which led to field goals. I don't mean to sound like El Prez on Barstool coming up with 200 excuses per week why any team in Boston ever losses, but those calls forced a 13 point swing.

2. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson: You would think when called out, Megatron would have a huge game. Nope, instead he drops two huge passes in the first half. Matt Stafford, possibly one of his biggest games of his career and he has arguably the worst game of his career. Could have been the hero, now is the goat. His reads were horrendous...Calvin Johnson in single coverage down the field? Let's not even turn your head and look immediately for Kris Durham.

1. Coaching/Play Calling: 3rd and 1 and we go to the shotgun formation. Have the Lions ever run the ball on 3rd down? You can literally tell exactly what the Lions are going to do before the play based on the formation they line up in. There is no variety or trickery. The Ravens linebackers and safety's were licking their chops all night long. 4th quarter, 60 yard field goal with the best kicker in the NFL. You knew they were going to kick it! Call the timeout!!!!

The division was ours. See you later Schwartz. I defended you for too long.


Monday Night Football Preview

With both the Bears and the Packers picking up late come from behind wins on Sunday, the Lions are in a must win situation. Although the Lions still control their own destiny, a loss would indeed put them in a hole. 

The Ravens come into Detroit in a similar situation. With a win they will be one game back of the division leading Bengals, and in a good wild card position. 

Ravens: Not the dominant defense that they used to be however the defense still powers the team. The Ravens are towards the back of the NFL in total offense, while the Defense ranks 9th. Joe Flacco is a complete hit or miss quarterback, playing his best football indoors.

Lions: Expect a monumental game from Calvin Johnson. Trash talk early in the week by the Ravens will fuel him for a 200+ yard game. The Lions offense is not phased by dominant defenses, the Lions beat themselves on both sides of the ball. Hopefully Schwartz has himself and the players motivated for a win.

Prediction: Lions are stagging a "Blue Out" at Ford Field. If the Lions are not prepped for this game they need new direction. Lions 34 Ravens 18